A close examination and guide to heart problems

Heart disease defines various heart conditions, many of which have a link to atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is an ailment that arises when plaque accumulates in your arterial walls.

The use of the term “heart disease” occurs interchangeably with “cardiovascular disease”. We will explain some of the symptoms of heart problems including chest pain and numbness, while the info section will discuss the various types of heart problems including heart attack, ischemic stroke, and arrhythmia.heart

While a heart attack occurs due to the blockage of a heart muscle, an ischemic stroke occurs due to the blockage of the brain’s blood flow. You will discover that every heart problem needs different treatment but may exhibit similar warning symptoms.

It is essential you see a physician to obtain appropriate diagnosis and prompt treatment. Treatment typically involves lifestyle changes, medications, or surgical procedure.

If medications are unsuccessful, your doctor will probably recommend specific surgical procedures. We will also include a section on diagnosis. Check the site for more information on complications, prevention, and risk factors.